Getting Ready for Christmas

How many times have you been asked recently 'Are you ready for Christmas?'

If you're anything like me, it's been a lot!

I suspect what people are really asking is;

  • have you done all your shopping?
  • have you put up your Christmas tree?
  • have you bought all the food?

These are all important questions in one way - particularly if you're hosting anyone over the Christmas period!  But surely it really is a prompt for us to ask ourselves if we really are ready for Christmas and what that really means or looks like?

Advent is meant to be a time of preparation - spiritual preparation rather than physical.  An invitation to alter our daily rhythm in order to spend time reflecting on the truth of Jesus's birth and how it impacts us and the world around us.  So we can get ourselves spiritually aligned to the amazing truth that familiarity quite often has led us to be blind to.  

Forget 'little Jesus meek and mild' - this Jesus changed the world.  He quietly shouted out salvation and reconciliation at every turn.  Everyone he came into contact with could not doubt that he was someone unfamiliar, dangerous, inviting, truly loving....that being in his presence bought life, healing, restoration, confrontation, choice....

You could not come into Jesus's presence then without being challenged to think who he truly was.  Surely advent is exactly the season where we should allow that to happen again.