We often can go through life trusting in ourselves, in others around us, and the laws and physics which seem to govern our country. Sometimes though, things just don't go our way. You lose that job, a loved one is struggling, or you just can't find the motivation to do what you are meant to be doing.

Maybe we shouldn't trust in those things? Maybe there is something better that we can trust in? 

Towards the end of the letter that Paul writes to the churches in Rome he announces a prayer that he is praying:

"I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13

I love this passage because it's all about the things that we can receive when we put our trust in God. When we trust him above ourselves and others. We can receive joy and peace. We can overflow with confident hope. We can have the power of the Holy Spirit! I want those things! Don't you? 

At The Greenhouse we could trust in our own abilities to make this place a brilliant location for retreat. We would probably do a fairly decent job at it. We know though that if we trust in God to make this place brilliant, he will have his way and because he loves the idea of people retreating with him he'll do a far better job! 

What is going on in your life where you need to put your trust in God? Take a moment today to give those things to him, choose to put your trust in him. 

"Father, we pray that we can put our trust in you. In our daily choices, would we choose you. Even in the discomfort, we choose to trust you. In the storms of life, we trust you. Thank you that you are Peace and that you are Joy and that you are the source of all Good things. As we trust in you, would you pour out that Joy, pour out that Peace, overflow us with confident Hope. We trust you in your ways. Amen"

Sam Deakin works for The Greenhouse part-time as the Business and Marketing Developer. He loves most sports, and is one of the most competitive people you can meet.

Title Photo by Michael Shannon on Unsplash