So yesterday morning I voted in the European elections.  What a huge piece of paper requiring just one cross in a box!  As per the local government elections a few weeks back, there was little information as to who to actually vote for.  Lots of names, but little real information – just soundbites portrayed by the media about certain specific parties.  As I drove to the polling booth, I just ‘wonder prayed’ – more wondered than prayed! – as to how on earth, as a Christian, I was meant to vote….

Fortunately, this week, I have also, over and over again, been reflecting on God’s sovereignty and what that actually means.  Seems hugely pertinent in the mess we are in regardless of which political side you come down on. 

The dictionary definition of sovereign throws up the following descriptions:

  • A supreme ruler, especially a monarch
  • Possessing supreme or ultimate power
  • Very good or effective
  • A former British gold coin (prob not as relevant for the moment!)

Some of the synonyms listed for these words are…..crowned head, head of state, potentate, overlord, leader, supreme, absolute, unlimited, unrestricted, unrestrained, unbounded, infinite, total….

I am not convinced at all by any of the political offerings and assurances in front of us all.  I am however, absolutely reassured by God’s sovereignty.  He is indeed all of the above and so much more.

This time we are in is not an unfamiliar one to God. The people He has created think that they are God.  History will record clearly the results of that line of thinking, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be much different to how it’s been through the whole of history…..

Man thinks they know best….

                A big mess results…..

                                They realise they can’t fix it……

                                                They need ‘someone else’…..

As Christians, regardless of our affliliations, we need to PRAY!  Pray for those Christians in positions of influence.  Pray that the powers of darkness would not take hold of institutions that could cause great harm to ALL people.  Pray that God would be sovereign in all things.  Pray….

Heavenly Father, ruler of all, I thank you for the countless undeserved blessings you have showered on our country.  Individually and as a nation, we have sinned often and grievously, and I pray now that you would forgive our many sins.  Endow our leaders and those of the whole world, with wisdom from on high.  Cause them to rule with Your wisdom and according to Your will so that all nations will prosper and live at peace and in obedience to you knowing that you have overall authority. At this time, we ask you to turn the hearts of multitudes of unbelievers to you and to strengthen the faith of those who already proclaim faith in you.  Give us faith instead of unbelief, courage instead of fear, love instead of hate, peace instead of quarrels and war and righteousness instead of sin everywhere and in everything.

We have indeed deserved nothing but punishment for our sins, but in your great mercy be gracious to us and all your people, bless us and hear our prayer for Jesus’ sake.  Amen.

Adapted from American CPH prayerbook.

Kate Strand works for The Greenhouse part-time. She's part of the Leadership Team, heads up The Greenhouse Friends network, and oversees marketing.