Re-writing my days - Part 1
Never thought I would stay indoors for so long. But, like all things which may do me good (it was and remains a choice), the benefits have far outweighed the challenges.
I belong to a dispersed Community named ‘Hopeweavers’. Each Morning 8am and Night 9pm a LIVE transmission is made via FBook, led by one member, using the Community’s Daily Office. Very quickly I found that, if I couldn’t find the transmission (not easy in something I find as complicated as FBook) I became upset. I really needed to pray with others!
Now I am in a rhythm. Now I pray, intentionally, twice a day. Why did I ever think it was okay not to? I did pray but not in such a balanced and blessed way. I made the usual excuses of work/life imbalance; now I’m too tired so it’s better not to...
How easily I deceived myself!
I am now praying regularly, intentionally. God has met me with warmth, mercy and compassion and given me the gifts of courage, (I intervened in a potentially dangerous situation) and Spirit-filled words (rather than my own) for the churches I worship with, and a growing awareness of Life, in all its pain and glory.