Here at The Greenhouse our vision is to provide time and space for people to meet with God. We love seeing people be transformed by Him, see them get further equipped to go back to their local context and impact their sphere of influence. For the past 70 years we have seen tens of thousands of individuals pass through our doors. We’ve seen healings, salvations, Holy Spirit encounters, addictions broken, dreams fulfilled, and so much more!

We want to go as far as God leads us, grow to the size that He wants us, and follow his voice where ever He takes us. We’ve always been Kingdom-minded people, we’ve always envisioned growth and been people who want to take leaps of faith.

2019 has started off extremely well. We’ve seen the best 6 months since our records began and have loved seeing different people meet with God. At the time of writing we’ve had 12 led retreats that 100’s of guests came to, 26 different groups come and stay with us, 13 of those being church weekends away, and even two bible colleges running training here. We’ve seen close to 1000 different individuals come through our doors in the past 6 months. God has been on the move!

As a house we are finding ourselves fully booked a lot of the time, taking bookings over 12 months in advance. We have people wanting to come on our high-quality Led Retreats but not being able to because we don’t have enough bed spaces. In our long-term vision we want to refurbish and build extra rooms on site to accommodate for more guests and more groups, but in the short-term we wanted to find a solution.

We have agreed to partner with a local hotel close to Bournemouth Pier who are just an 8-minute car journey away to provide you with a secondary site! We will therefore be able to offer our retreats to more people, whilst also running events/conferences/retreats at this secondary site. We are committed to providing the same guest experience at this secondary location as we do at The Greenhouse Christian Centre. It also has the added benefit of being even closer to the sea than we are at our primary site, taking less than a minute to walk to have stunning panoramic sea views.

We’ll be offering this seaside accommodation to guests who want to come and stay with us during our led retreats, as well as for groups who perhaps have numbers that are too large for our primary location or are wanting to book at a time that we already have the house fully booked.

All rooms at our seaside accommodation will be ensuite and depending on when your coming to stay you will have the choice of whether you eat your meals at The Greenhouse or our secondary location. We are so excited to provide people with this brilliant new site to stay and as always, are committed to bringing the best hospitality that we can at prices that are affordable for our guests.

If you’d like to be one of the first to stay at our secondary site, or have any questions then do give us a phone call on 01202764776 or drop us an email at [email protected] 

Sam Deakin works for The Greenhouse part-time as the Business and Marketing Developer. He loves most sports, is passionate about God's Kingdom coming to Earth, and eats more biscuits than anyone else in The Greenhouse team.