I spent my early teens struggling so much with things that none of my friends even had to think about, remembering where I put my books and pens, trying to spell words that my younger sister could already spell. Every time I would try read or wright, I just felt stupid and frustrated and different. Friends teased me when I was asked to read out in class, and I got in trouble for forgetting things. School was awful, but then, God stepped in, and everything feel into place.

I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD at 11 years old. Dyslexia is a common learning disability that affects around 5% -10% of the population. I was in my final years of junior school when I was finally diagnosed.

At first, I was denied the statement and extra support, but my family prayed and a few days later the dissensions was changed, and I was granted a statement that allowed me to switch to a school designed to cope with my difficulty’s. It allowed me access to extra recourses as I went into secondary school, and it made me see that I wasn’t stupid just different.

My mind worked differently and that has been my biggest blessing. I discovered art and design, and for the first time my dyslexia didn’t hinder but helped. My dyslexic brain worked differently and, in some ways, better than someone without it. I looked at things differently, could solve puzzles others couldn’t, I looked at everything with a creative mind. And it pushed me closer to God.

I was angry and upset for years, that I couldn’t do what wanted to, that I couldn’t be like my friends, that I never stopped to think about the opportunity this gave me. I wanted God to act and move the way I want him to. I didn’t see what he was doing in me and in my life till it all clicked into place. I Could have spent those years excited and expectant to see what God would do with me and in me. But I spent years angry and upset and screaming about how it wasn’t fair. But he gave me passion for art and creation, and I see him in each of his incredible creation thought each day in a way I think I would have been blind to. Through my Dyslexia, he taught me compassion and empathy for others and in all these things I understand him and know him in my life more and more. I now work in a place that if filled with God, creating, designing and thinking in ways that would not have been possible without Dyslexia, without Gods awesome plan.  God did not work the way I asked him to, what he did was 100 billion times better. I have learned and am learning again each day to trust him everything, I have never walked alone, and with him I know I never will.