Feeling a bit blah! ... (you know those nondescript, groundhog days of lockdown), I decided to go for a walk around my village. A small Spring shower had ceased and the sun was shining. I paused and sat for a while in the churchyard to admire the Spring flowers and a Camellia tree, buds just showing pink. 

Still carrying a bit of that blah! I started to praise God for the  beauty of nature around me. Does it sound dramatic to say the scales fell off my eyes? I was surrounded by raindrops and millions of fine cobwebs in the grass, all glittering in sunshine. I could even see my tracks like you do in dew. As the wind blew some of the webs rose up a little into the air, some were even released and carried away. Was I seeing a spiritual picture? No this was really happening but I had to stop long enough to see it. God gave me the word MYSTERY. As I sat quietly he showed me he doesn’t always want us to know everything. His joy is to grant us surprises. But we have to be still long enough to see them. 


No more Blah! Joy in my heart and a skip in my step. ūüėČ