We strive for success, but fruitfulness is the natural product of health and life. Jeremiah 17:8

Rest is not just time out, it is the foundation of fruitful engaged activity. How we achieve can be as important as what we achieve for our own well-being and for that of those we work with. When someone runs into our success it can leave them feeling smaller, but when they encounter our fruit it tends to build them up. Performance under pressure is one of the hallmarks of effective people, people who have learn to lead and strengthen themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically as they navigate the pressures, responsibilities and opportunities of life.

So much of Jesus teaching on inner life is just now being illuminated by the findings of research and psychology. There is wisdom in the old proverbs and principles that modern science is just beginning to understand, forgiveness, thankfulness, love, friends and above all a sense of purpose. We need to value ourselves as we add our value to the demands around us. 

This accredited course is a step towards that, a more balanced, sustainable and rewarding life with less burn out and anxiety. Blending Jesus teaching with modern insights so that we can thrive, not just survive in an environment of pressing deadlines, target achievements, physical, mental, financial and relational demands. Some people are better at managing this than others, but the good news is that everybody can improve. It's a matter of training our heads to work more closely with our hearts.

Participants will learn:

- The habits of Highly Effective People that increase personal effectiveness and manage external stressors. 
- How to identify the physical signs of inner coherence and distress.
- How to apply Emotional intelligence to neutralise dis-stressors and lead ourselves emotionally. 
- How to achieve an 'abundance mentality' in the Workplace
- How to honestly assess personal behaviours and communication styles
- How to build habits that produce constant self-renewal and avoid burn out

Cost: £82.50 + VAT (99.00)- Includes course materials, a CPD Certificate and 2 Course Lunch

For more information visit: www.mtceurope.co.uk, email [email protected], or call 08447452120