Title: Listening to God through Marking

Tutor: Curie Scott

Come and listen to God through intuitive art marking.  This is a gentle, creative and expressive quiet day led by Curie.  You do not need to be artistic or creative, merely open to working with artistic processes.  Please wear comfortable clothes and bring and old shirt / apron to cover up.

Curie is a local academic, artist and trained coach.  She trained as a medical doctor and has taught health professionals for over a decade.  She has a PHD in drawing as a way of thinking and now works at Bournemouth University introducing artistic ways of knowledge-making across academic disciplines.  Her passion is enabling people to hear God, be healed and pursue their gifting. 

Under Curie's guidance this is sure to be a very interesting and revealing quiet day.  Not to be missed! 

Cost £25 + additional £5 for materials.  

To book please email [email protected] or call us on 01202 764776 (Mon-Sat: 9-6pm)