In a world of confusing messages – who am I really? How do I handle those constant negative thoughts? How do I walk in freedom every day to the fullness that Christ has for me?
This retreat/course will help answer those questions and others, looking at how to get free from the past and giving you tools you can use everyday so you can walk in the full potential of who Christ made you to be. Time to refresh Biblical truths that will bring life changing discipleship.

There will be an opportunity on the Thursday to go through Steps to Freedom where you do business with just you and God to deal with anything that might be impeding your walk with Him. It is very simple and gentle -but amazingly effective!
It will be a time to be with Jesus and know how loved you are!

Standard £310
Ensuite £376

Double/Twin (per room) 
Standard £488
Ensuite £616

or call us on 01202 764776
(Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm)