Research shows 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health condition every year, and Christians are far from immune! 23% of Pastors have also experienced mental illness on a personal level. Sometimes, sadly, church isn’t the best place where people can discuss such issues, and get the help and care they need. Whilst well-meaning, some leaders may in fact make people feel even worse. This course equips Christian leaders with the skills and abilities to better understand and address the spiritual and emotional health of people going through mental health challenges. And it equips leaders themselves, with the ability to recognise and deal with stress, anxiety and burn-out issues before they become a problem. It’s an integrative Christian counselling course, taking the best of modern, proven psychotherapeutic concepts that are consistent with scripture, and applying them effectively in a Christian context.

The course, is facilitated by David Deakin, Ian Phillips and Tanya Penn, each of whom are involved in different aspects of Christian leadership representing Baptist, Charismatic and Church of England denominations, and all are fully trained (by CWR) and qualified BACP member counsellors.

Standard £310
Ensuite £376

Double/Twin (per room) 
Standard £488
Ensuite £616

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