Awakening mental health in young people: With and through God you have everything you need inside……. Anthea offers an interactive and dynamic programme that has been tailor-made for those working with young people. 


Anthea is dedicated to helping all people of God realise their potential through learning about the innate resilience and mental health that all human beings possess through Christ. Course participants will examine the Biblical concepts of having the Mind of Christ (1 Co 2:16) ‘renewing the mind’ (Rom 12:2) and being a ‘new creation’ in Christ (2 Co 5:17) in healing and wholeness. Anthea goes to the source of the misunderstanding that prevents people from recognising their in-built wellbeing. The results are transformative – and sustainable – offering the missing piece in the mental health and wellbeing puzzle that society wishes to solve – Christ in us.

Standard £310
Ensuite £376

Double/Twin (per room)
Standard £488
Ensuite £616

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