Award winning author of 6 books, with a new book - ‘The Celtic Year’ - being published in 2020 (BRF); founder of Waymark Ministries (www.waymarkministries,com) and UK Deputy Guardian of the Community of Aidan and Hilda, a globally dispersed Celtic Christian community, David brings a different perspective to The Greenhouse with his passion for the early Christian church and how seekers who perhaps find it difficult to do so in mainstream church can be drawn to God through its more ancient tradit

Christian Contemplative

Practices such as meditation and mindfulness are becoming more and more popular. Not everyone, however, realises that such things have been part of Christian spirituality and the Christian heritage since the beginning.

Over these few days David Cole, author of books on Christian meditation and the contemplative tradition, will be looking at different Christians from history who have practiced and taught this tradition.

Come and learn about the lives and teachings of these significant people from our spiritual past

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